Winning the Lottery – Lotto Lie 1

Would you believe everything you are told? Simply mind boggling how easily many people will believe Lotto Lie #1 but should be pulled, kicking and screaming, to determine the reality. Winning the lottery is tough but possibilities to enhance your odds of winning the lottery abound. Let us offer bed Lotto Lie #1 for good.

Lotto Lie #1 – There’s nothing that you can do to enhance your odds of winning the lottery.

I have made the error through the years of attempting to reason with your skeptics. I have plied all of them with indisputable logic, irrefutable data and example after example concerning the lottery that proves their position is untenable. Routinely without success. I ought to have recognized that just an acceptable person, someone with a balanced view and willing to take part in an intellectual discussion, can be convinced of anything. So, if you are studying this, I am most likely preaching towards the choir. So, for a moment all use certainly one of my personal favorite pages within the Hymnal, ‘You can improve your odds of winning the lottery.’

Lotto Lie #1 is extremely naive and simple to refute. First, the lottery is really a bet on chance. In most games of risk, the gamer has certain likelihood of winning. Up up to now, the skeptics agree. But, here’s where I typically lose them.


In most games of risk, including lotto, there are various amounts of play. Many people are extremely good, many people are extremely poor, and average folks fall somewhere among. For instance, it had been merely a couple of years back, the generally held belief was that success at Black-jack was pure luck. In the end, it had been an arbitrary Bet on chance, similar to the lottery. But, professional gamblers appeared to complete very well. The casinos fostered the concept that it had been an arbitrary bet on chance since it helped their main point here, while professional gamblers silently worked out their business. However, some Durch students happened upon the secrets of the castle and raked in several money in the casinos. You’ve most likely heard the storyline or saw the film.

Similar to the lottery, should you play Black-jack intelligently, you’ll improve your odds of winning. In Black-jack, you read the past record by counting cards and use a fundamental knowledge of probability, and also the advantage swings in the house towards the player. Once people discovered this, almost overnight, courses appeared to be offered and books appeared to be offered. People had learned that there is a great deal they might do in order to enhance their likelihood of winning.

Texas Hold’em

Another example is Texas Hold’em, which has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. After Doyle Brunson printed his Super/System book, the reality was out. Should you take part in the game intelligently, read the past performance of every opponent and use a fundamental knowledge of probability you’ll improve your odds of winning.

Now, there are lots of more books, courses, tapes, CD’s as well as training camps. Once people recognized that success was resolute because when they performed the sport, people around the globe were flopping, turning and moving lower the forest.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson

Mike Johnson: Mike, a professional poker player turned blogger, shares strategies, game analysis, and personal anecdotes from his time at the table.